Are you hip to the whipped coffee trend? You should be! In our recent article, we touched on if this trend was here to stay or go. It turns out, instant coffee has become more popular than ever before, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Numbers show that traditional coffee has taken a hit as “ready to brew” batches begin to take over the mainstream world of joe.

The question that remains is simple, what is the main reason behind this rise in popularity? Due to it’s easy, accessible & fun formula, people are pinning the pandemic as a motivation for this change of heart.

Unexpected Popularity

The transition to “ready to brew” coffee may not be what everyone has expected, but why beat them when you can join them? Sales for instant coffee have sky-rocketed in recent months, and coffee fanatics are busy studying why. According to the founder of San Francisco’s Ritual Coffee, Eileen Rinaldi, “May sales of Sudden Coffee, to date, are three times where they were at in January.”

Also in the conversation is the famous Joe’s Coffee, which has noted a 450% increase in the sale of instant coffee. It’s hard to tell exactly what is driving these increased profits, but the impact of COVID-19 has been considered by most.

Due to quarantine, most people stuck at home are facing situations like never before. For some, this is the introduction of brewing coffee at home. Without access to the local café, folks are improvising with the easy methods that accompany “ready to brew” coffee.

As quoted from Honor Forte over at Olympia Coffee Roasters, “without access to a coffee shop, most people are drinking coffee from the same brewing method without additives every day. Instant coffee, and making whipped coffee too, is a fun break from that that doesn’t require buying new equipment—and luckily it can be really exceptional too.”

With past restrictions from quarantine and coffee lovers forced at home, “ready to brew” coffee has provided a fun and easy variation to the traditional ways of coffee. Although these increased profits may not have been expected, the trend of instant coffee and the lack of access to cafes continues to transform the world of coffee.

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