Keeping track of all the different benefits from our favorite bean makes for quite the list. Look back on a few of our recent articles, and you’ll see just what we mean. Whether talking about heart health or the studies showing effects on prostate cancer, we love sharing all the exciting news that comes up. For so many starting the day with an energy drink, here are even more reasons to switch up your daily routine.

Just in time for summer, studies show an incredible correlation between coffee and skin cancer. No, this doesn’t mean you can ditch that sunscreen just yet! But, with a daily cup of coffee, research shows promising effects against the development of melanoma.

How many more reasons do you need to get brewin’?!

Can Coffee Help Prevent Skin Cancer?

Coffee & Skin Cancer

Published by the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, a study led by Cristina Fortes in Rome has focused on “anti-inflammatory foods and food components” in regards to skin cancer prevention. With over 2.5 million participants, the effects of various foods and fruits and their inner components were studied extensively. In an exciting discovery, encouraging results against skin cancer were found!

In 18 separate studies comparing the combination of different food products, coffee was considered a top deterrent for preventing melanoma. According to their findings, as presented by, “the only anti-inflammatory food item that was consistently associated with a protective effect for cutaneous was coffee in particular caffeinated coffee.” Wow!

As we gear up to take on the summer sun, a little extra help against skin cancer is always welcome. With research pointing to caffeinated coffee as the top support against melanoma, you should consider adding a few cups in your schedule.

Soak up the sun while enjoying one of the most beneficial beverages out there. As you enjoy your coffee poolside, give us a call and let’s set up a mobile espresso bar for you and your friends. We’re always here to help get the party started!

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