We were talking to a few of our coffee-loving friends at an event recently, and the conversation edged towards Halloween and plans to trick-or-treat and spend time with our families. First, isn’t it crazy it is already the middle of October? The holidays are around the corner, and to us, the kick off is Halloween. It should be celebrated with fall activities, a little something sweet, and did we mention coffee? For fun, we’ve gathered a few Halloween Coffee and refreshment ideas to celebrate the kick-off of the 2017 holiday season!

halloween coffee - cupa cabana


Flavors of the Season

Halloween and fall go hand in hand, so it makes sense that some fall flavors are going to make their way into our mugs. Remember though: it is so much more than the taste of pumpkin spice. It is about color, like orange (which is great because the orange peel is the perfect garnish on a hot cider). It’s a little decadence; a deep dark hot cocoa topped with whipped cream and two tiny punctures drizzled with red food coloring. (Our friend called that Count Cocoa, Dracula’s second favorite beverage). Halloween coffee can have flavors of gingerbread, nutmeg, tangerine, or cinnamon. Think, warm and cozy!


Don’t Forget the Garnish

Candy corn, orange peel, and black licorice all fall into the color scheme for this spooky holiday. Whipped cream creates the perfect canvas atop coffee or cocoa. If your kids allow: crush up a candy bar for an added bonus atop your Halloween inspired beverage!


Set the Mood

Adorn the table with fall foliage and decor. Pumpkins, gourds, squash, even hay (maybe best for outdoors) make great fall settings. Serve your beverages in cool jars and beakers for a mad scientist vibe. Display coffee add-ons in creative jars or theed-bins. Serve seasonal, or festive menu items with your Halloween coffee. The ideas and options are endless!


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