Maybe a cup of hot coffee doesn’t sound too appealing on the beach, but today’s recipe will have you thinking otherwise. We’ve covered ice coffee in the past as well as cold brew; now it’s time to create the best of both worlds. And by both worlds, we mean with the bonus of rum and coffee liqueur. As you probably guessed, this week’s specialty coffee recipe is for those above the age of 21. But, if you are of age, this recipe is one that you can’t miss.

Perfect for brunch or watching the sunset, our “Coffee on the Beach” recipe will capitalize any trip down to the shore. Start by taking a look at the ingredient list and plan out exactly what you’ll need. One trip to the liquor store is all you need, but don’t forget the most essential ingredients of them all, cold brew.

For those who need a bit of a refresher on making cold brew, click here to view our recent blog post. Cold-brew is a simple recipe that just requires patience, and once you taste how delicious the final brew ends up, it’s hard to drink anything else. Trust us.

Now, let’s get into the magic behind “coffee on the beach!”

Coffee Cocktail: "Coffee on the Beach"

“Coffee on the Beach” Ingredients

2 oz Dark Rum

1 oz Coffee Liqueur

1.50 oz Cold Brew Coffee

1 oz Coconut Milk

0.25 oz Cream of Coconut

Keep in mind that any dark rum and coffee liqueur should do; it’s up to personal preference. In case you need help, our friends at recommend Aged Demerara Rum and Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur. Both of these selections make for an incredible combination, so add these bottles to the list if need be.


Simple enough, shake all ingredients with ice and strain them into a chilled glass. Once your glass is full, scroll down to the beach and enjoy your new favorite coffee cocktail.

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