Have you ever wondered what the most expensive coffee bean in the world would look like? Well, look no further. The Kopi Luwak is the most pricey pot of joe you can find, and the story behind it proves why.

If someone offered you coffee for $500 a kilogram, would you be ready to reach for your wallet? If you said no, we don’t blame you. Here in America, coffee has become a bit of a commodity. Many of us opt for a quick cup at the local cafe rather than an extravagant bean from across the globe. But, when you upgrade your cup to this level, you can surely taste the difference.

It may not sound pretty, but Kopi Luwak takes hard work and isn’t made overnight…(or is it?)

What is Kopi Luwak?

Coming in at a hefty price, it’s no surprise Kopi Luwak takes a few extra steps to get prepared. And by steps, we mean digestion. As off-putting as it may sound, this Indonesian coffee is prepared by our friend, the wild Asian Palm Civet.

These magical little creatures digest and break down ingredients through their challenging work of finding the ripest and most flavorful coffee cherries, leaving a deposit for coffee fanatics to collect.

Once the deposits are collected and, of course, heavily washed, creating the most expensive coffee cup in the world begins. Even though these beans have already been digested, finding wild ripe beans left behind by the civet is rewarding. It takes time and effort from the locals to gather the supplies, making $500 a kilogram sound a bit more reasonable.

Are you brave enough to try it for yourself? You should be. Kopi Luwak offers a super silky flavor, with strong notes of chocolate and cherries. Pairing a beautiful appearance paired with a remarkable taste, there’s no wonder why this form of coffee is considered a delicacy.

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