If your next event needs a bit of flair, but your not sure where to start, this is the article for you! Our team is proud to keep your guests satisfied & entertained with a variety of industry-leading options. Cupa Cabana espresso bars are not only known for expert service and proprietary blends, they also come with a whole lot of style! Each one available comes with its very own sense of personality.

Whether you’re an event planner or just looking to top-off an upcoming party, we have the perfect espresso bar for you. Take a look at each one below to see what best fits your liking! We’re sure there is something for everyone.

Lucite Designer Bar

Are you somebody who follows up on all the trends? We’ve got you covered. Our popular Lucite designer bar comes complete with a hip & modern vibe that you don’t want to miss out one.

This tall and mighty option is sure to light up the room in more ways than one! This bar’s clean black frame is paired with an eye-catching LED screen that makes any custom branding stand out.

Create the ambiance that you’ve always dreamed of with Cupa Cabana espresso bars.

Barnwood Coffee Bar

One of the most popular selections, the Barnwood coffee bar is the ideal addition to any event. Classy corporate feel but also inviting & fun, this bar doesn’t struggle to fit in.

Whether we’re talking about an upcoming employee appreciation party or something a little more formal, this espresso bar remains a crowd favorite.

Arriving with rich, deep wood color, the Barnwood coffee bar can also be teamed with our “Espresso Bar” header. Either way, you know the perfect roast by Cupa Cabana will be served up!

Hamptons Espresso Bar

Partying poolside? Cool down with a cup-of-joe from our Hamptons espresso bar. A must-have for any Summer shindig, this bar screams beach vacation. Give your guests precisely what they want as they take a dip into the brisk pool water.

Our Hamptons bar is unlike any other bar you see offered today, give us a call to find out more!

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