When you make the decision to include a mobile coffee bar at your event, it’s crucial to keep track of everything that comes with it. Many espresso catering companies are big on providing the product, but with little to no services or add-ons included.

Don’t let one-size-fits-all companies ruin your view of coffee catering. Here at the original mobile espresso bar service, Cupa Cabana, we pride ourselves on including everything you need to stir up the buzz at your gathering.

The Cupa experience is about much more than just an incredible cup-of-joe sourced from our proprietary blend of globally renowned beans. We are excited to offer our clients the opportunity to customize a coffee bar of their very own! Read on to learn about the possibilities behind a custom coffee bar.

A touch of personalization can go a long way.

Create a Custom Coffee Bar of Your Very Own


Why not celebrate the Mr. & Mrs. in a unique style? Don’t opt for the same old coffee bar with that same old generic logo. Take the time to work with a professional coffee catering company that genuinely cares.

Our team has had the pleasure of providing custom graphics for several special wedding days, and we’ve heard nothing but great feedback—commemorate your day with catering that makes a difference.

Are you looking for something special but not ready to commit with a custom graphic? Our traditional “Mr. & Mrs.” graphic will do the trick. Always packed with flavors and, of course, a prime photo-op.

Create a Custom Coffee Bar of Your Very Own

Corporate Events

What’s one great way to make an impression at your next corporate event? A mobile espresso bar with your name on it, literally!

By placing your logo smack-dab in the middle of our signature coffee bars, your guests have more than just a business card to remember you by.

Create a Custom Coffee Bar of Your Very Own


Here’s one that may not be top-of-mind but is definitely worth considering. With so many graduation parties deciding to go with an outdoor party, why not give your student the spotlight they deserve? Besides, we all know espresso has been the main source of help throughout their years of study.

We recently set-up shop for a drive-by graduation ceremony that was as charming as it was refreshing. Graduation day is a big deal; it’s time to treat it as such. Give us a call and break out a custom coffee bar with deserving pizazz.

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