Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of medical waste is accumulating at a record pace. Fortunately, select corporations have stepped in to improve the situation, one piece of waste at a time. According to statistics presented by prnewswire.com, around 116 million tons of masks on mainland China are disposed of daily. With neighboring cities reaching upwards of 50 tons per day, the environmental issue of waste is one that we must tackle head-on.

Can you imagine an eco-friendly mask made out of coffee? That’s exactly what Thanh Le, founder of AirX asked himself. Le goes on to state, “AirX is not just a recommendation to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but preserve the planet as well.”

Now, just how effective are these coffee masks both against the virus and for the environment? Much more than you may think.

Introducing the World’s First Mask Made from Coffee
picture sourced from bartalks.net

All About the AirX Coffee Mask

Coffee might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ways to prevent germ exposure. But, with time and research, the AirX team has come up with ideas to ensure these masks remain of the highest standard. Solidified by a 99.9% antibacterial technology with dual layers of protection, this coffee mask may just as well be the next substitute for your favorite Purell bottle.

The first layer woven into the AirX mask comes from our favorite bean itself. Coffee yarn woven by PowerKnit technology keeps each mask as comfortable and effective as the last. You will also find a biodegradable filter inside, which they develop with “silver nanotechnology and coffee.”

Not only do these layers keep the germs out, but it also keeps the inviting smell of coffee in. These coffee masks come with a coffee filter as well to provide a natural coffee aroma throughout the day. What’s better than that?

With the perfect pairing of environmentally friendly options and advanced technology, experts anticipate coffee masks to grow exceptionally as the pandemic continues. Founder Thanh Le insists, “it is not too difficult or expensive to start being mindful of our consumption habits for environmentally friendly, natural and green products. With current resources, AirX can supply to mass production with quantity up to 10,000 masks daily, associated with high demand rate for face masks globally.”

Once again, coffee saves the day!

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