If a daily cup of coffee has become apart of your routine, you’ve likely begun wondering just how it affects your body. Have you considered cutting out sugar and creamer? Or begun passing up the whipped cream topping? While these are both solid ideas, at the heart of the source, it may surprise you to find out just how beneficial coffee really is.

We still can’t say that your three tablespoons of sugar are necessarily healthy, but with a cup of black coffee, your own your way. Throughout several studies, coffee has proven to have reasonably significant health benefits. Specifically, improved heart health has been directly linked back to making sure you take in your daily dose of joe.

Celebrate Heart Health Month with a Cup of Coffee

Lower Heart Risks with Coffee

Some may view coffee as having adverse effects on your body, but this is far from accurate. While anything in excess can be harmful, perfecting the amount of coffee you drink correlates directly with your heart’s overall health. Coffee drinks have shown remarkable results for lowering the risk of heart failures, strokes, and coronary heart diseases.

According to a study referenced by Time magazine, “for coffee drinkers, every 8-ounce cup per day reduced these risks by 7%, 8% and 5%, respectively, compared to people who didn’t drink coffee.” As the coffee drinkers in this study took on 1-6 cups of coffee per day, you can be sure that a cup a day helps keep heart attacks away.

Other studies have shown similar results with coffee coming on top as a major benefit to the health of your heart. It’s critical to understand just how much coffee can affect your everyday life, and not only in the sense of improving your next morning meeting. Coffee catering companies like Cupa Cabana pride ourselves on just how healthy coffee really is.

When you order a giant chocolate cake for your next event, let’s just say heart health becomes an afterthought. But, when you include a mobile espresso cart, you can feel good about what you are serving.

Coffee has shown to improve different aspects of your heart significantly, so why not give our proprietary blend a try? We serve our drinks, strait for our hearts to yours.

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