Can you believe wintertime has already come to a close? As the year continues to fly by and we storm into the spring season, it’s time to do some planning. Sure, spring is here and the brisk breeze has arrived, but we’re looking forward to a more popular time of the year. The summer season calls for a unique coffee pairing of its very own!

Today’s coffee blog post is all about finding that perfect coffee blend for summer. Whether it’s an iced coffee or a piping espresso, we’ve got the ideal blend for you.

To begin, we’re going to be looking for specific flavors of beans. Summer sun pairs best with coffee that is bright in acidity and full of fruity flavor. Here are a few right along those lines.

Popular Coffee Blends for the Summer Season

Gourmet Summer Coffee Blend by That’s Coffee

Hand-blended in Brazil with quality Central and South American Arabica beans, get ready for the ultimate summer blend. That’s Coffee presents their Gourmet Summer Coffee Blend, a “mild caramel flavor with a medium body and a lingering finish perfect to be savored like a slow setting summer sun.”

What else? This blend is perfect for iced coffee, which of course, is a summertime favorite. Yum!

Beach House Blend by Savannah Coffee Roasters

Kick-off your shoes and wiggle your toes, the Beach House Blend by Savannah Coffee Roasters is your go-to summer blend option. A light and smooth honey finish make for a truly captivating cup that’ll have you coming back for seconds.

Sourced from Central and South American beans, this summer blend is paired best with an ocean view.

Martinez Jamaica Blue Mountain by RSW Estates

Grown from small, family-owned plantations in Jamacia, this fruity blend is sure to please. Lacking any sort-of bitterness, this is the perfect blend to post up and share with friends on the beach.

They’ll be thanking you later!

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