If you haven’t heard of the wonders behind nitro coffee, where have you been? One of the newest and most popular ways to enjoy your cup of joe, new technology has helped introduce this foamy favorite. Since Starbucks first introduced nitro coffee in 2016, it is now available at every Starbucks across the county. You could say nitro brew has become the cream of the crop!

Where is a better place to enjoy the evolution of coffee than in the office? Not only will you be able to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine in style, but your employee’s productivity will also get a boost with every cup.

By including a nitro brew option with your custom coffee bar, we have been able to become a favorite treat in corporate spaces right here in the tri-state area. Even with protocols in place, our team is working diligently to remain on call for when your employees need it most.

Nitro Brew Coffee Bars

Think about it; that coffee pot in the conference room is getting old. Your employees are doing everything they can to keep productivity up; it’s time to help them out. Let’s take a look into a few benefits of nitro brew coffee and why it might be the best option for your office space.

  • Higher Caffeine Content – Since nitro brew is created using a higher ratio of coffee grounds (compared to traditional coffee), you’ll get more buzz for your buck. When it comes to working all day every day, a boost of caffeine is always welcome.
  • Less Acidic – You typically brew nitro brew at a lower temperature, which results in a significantly less acidic drink. By being less acidic, you’ll find it has a unique taste that is far less bitter.
  • Thicker Texture – Similar to beer, nitro brew is infused with nitrogen, which causes it to taste thicker and foamier. With a thick pour, nitro brew typically doesn’t need milk or creamer. Just pour it up and enjoy!

The next time you get a feeling your hard-working employees are burning out, re-ignite their productivity with a nitro brew coffee bar. A unique taste paired with hidden health benefits is a win-win for both you and your team.


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