Let’s face it; there’s a lot to know about our favorite bean. Aside from starting our day with that much-needed cup, a lot behind coffee and espresso is overlooked. If you want to learn more about the invention of espresso or more backstories, make sure you click here for our recent article.

For those up to speed on coffee history, it’s time to dive into a few facts that may surprise you.

So, how much do you really know about the world’s most popular caffeinated beverage? Here are ten coffee facts perfect for your next trivia night.

10 Fast Facts for Coffee Trivia

The average American spends over $1,000 on coffee each year

$1,000 a year on coffee? Sounds pretty American to me.

Finland, the world’s coffee capital, does not produce any beans of its own.

You’d think the world’s coffee capital would be the king of producing beans, but Finland disagrees. Although Finland may not make beans, its citizens drink more coffee than any country in the world.

The world’s most expensive coffee comes from animal poop

Did you know Kopi Luwak, the world’s most expensive coffee, is derived from the droppings of civets? If your stomach can handle this coffee trivia fact, click here for the full story behind the famous coffee that sells for up to $600 per pound.

Italian astronauts took an espresso machine to space

Italian astronauts took not leaving home without a cup of coffee literally when they brought to space the first espresso machine in 2015, referred to as the ISSpresso.

10 Fast Facts for Coffee Trivia - ISSpresso

You’ll find a Starbucks at the CIA headquarters

CIA agents need a break too. The CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, has a unique Starbucks that isn’t open to the public.

Coffee can help boost your exercise regimen

Coffee is known to improve heart health as well as increase fat burning when exercising. Click here for the full scoop!

No American state produces coffee beans except for…

Hawaii! This tropical oasis is the only US state that grows coffee.

Instant coffee is over 200 years old

You may think instant coffee is a recent fad, but with over 200 years of history, this coffee “trend” looks like it’s here for the long haul.

10 Fast Facts for Coffee Trivia

Espresso shots cost $1 in Italy

Espresso is such a delicacy in Italy that espresso bars have popped up offering shots with an average price of $1.

At one time, coffee was chewed

That’s right! Several hundred years ago, coffee was chewed rather than brewed. Think about that next time you whip up a pot of your own!

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