With everything going on regarding COVID-19 and the growing pandemic, our hearts go out to everyone dealing with this crisis. Here at Cupa Cabana, we believe the best way to get through this is together. By following best practices (and with the help of coffee), it’s only a matter of time before our mobile coffee bar arrives back at your next event.

In the meantime, let’s focus on taking our brewing talents back to the kitchen. Recommended by talented baristas, read on as we dive into a few at-home brewing tricks.

Coffee Tricks to Perfect At-Home Brewing

Fresh Coffee is the Best Coffee

For those opting for preground coffee, we have some bad news. Often those bags of coffee have been sitting for months, and the results show it. To get the most out of your next brew, why not try out something a bit more fresh? By going with fresh, whole bean coffee, you know when it is brewed and precisely what to expect.

Try heading to your local coffee shop to see if they sell beans fresh! Often places who brew their own beans or source from local farms have the newest batches out there.

Store Beans Correctly

If you’re tossing a half-open coffee bag into the cabinet every morning, your at-home brewing is sure to suffer.

Storing your beans in a mason jar is one of the best ways to preserve their taste and quality. Just make sure each jar is the appropriate size for your beans!

The Optimal Time to Grind

Did you know that coffee often loses its flavor within 30 minutes of being ground? With that in mind, don’t over-plan your cup of coffee too much.

To get the most out of your beans, the best time to grind is right before you brew your pot.

Use the Right Water

A common mistake by coffee lovers is forgetting to value the quality of water. One of the most essential parts of the brewing process is making sure that you are using filtered water, but nothing too over-the-top. According to Cnet.com, water that is “full of minerals won’t bond well with the dissolved particulates from the coffee, leading to an under-extracted, weak coffee.” But, you also don’t want to use water that is too heavily filtered. It can be bad for both your brew and the equipment.

The perfect water is somewhere right in between!

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