As you have probably noticed, we take espresso and coffee pretty seriously. So it should be no surprise that our employees undergo quite an onboarding process. Here is a little background behind the extensive training it takes to become a Cupa Cabana Traveling Barista!

Espresso Bars from Cupa Cabana's Traveling Baristas

What Made by Cupa Cabana Means

One the first principles we teach our staff is the importance of the quality of the ingredients we use as well as the high standard we have set for the quality of the products we serve. We want Cupa Cabana clients to enjoy only the best from our Espresso Bars, and that is something that will not change… ever. Our newly hired traveling baristas are introduced to this tenet almost immediately in addition to other critical aspects of Cupa Cabana’s culture.

Life On the Road

We jokingly tell our traveling barista recruits that they will have a different view from their “office” every day. While this job perk is exciting, it isn’t long before most realize that being part of a mobile operation takes on an entirely different set of circumstances. Logistics are an extremely important aspect of any event. Everything from morning traffic to proper clearance with building security needs to be taken into consideration. Being able to manage these arduous but critical tasks is of the utmost importance in order to ensure an event stays on schedule. That is why it takes our Head Baristas or team captains dozens and dozens of events over several months in order to achieve the position.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

I hope you are not surprised to see coffee on this list. Our Traveling Baristas must master several different skills sets in order to brew coffee and espresso and create artisanal beverages quickly, properly, and repeatedly. Acquiring these skills takes time. Our new hire baristas assist and observe a team of fully trained baristas. A team consists of a Head and Assistant Barista. Observation then leads to hands-on training such as brewing espresso shots and frothing milk. Once they are competent in these skills more advanced tasks are introduced and after passing an in-depth test our new hires advance to the position of Assistant Barista.

Putting People First

Our Traveling Baristas recognize that first and foremost, they are there for the client and their guests. Every action taken upon site arrival will be to ensure that the day goes without a hitch. Sometimes that means calling a last minute audible and moving a station closer to a power or water source or even reconfiguring the layout of the espresso bar so it flows in the same direction as a juxtaposed Viennese table to alleviate possible congestion. The importance of recognizing these potential issues is paramount. Time, experience, and on the job observations is the only way to acquire such skills.

Winter Espresso Bar by Cupa Cabana

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