Limiting yourself to flavoring your coffee with just milk or sugar is doing yourself an injustice. Countries worldwide take a different & more natural approach to bringing their cup of joe to the next level. Did you know in Portugal, lemon juice is the norm for flavoring coffee? There’s a different go-to for every aspect of the world!

For those who love a touch of flavor in their coffee, you have more than a few options to choose from. Forget the typical syrup you may find at your local cafe; we’re here to introduce you to a few out-of-the-box flavors. Put away your artificial creamer and get ready to expand your palette.

1. Extracts

Elevate your morning coffee experience with the power of extracts. A tablespoon of these popular extracts is all you need for a whole new world of flavor. The most popular options out there range from: 

  • Peppermint Extract
  • Almond Extract
  • Vanilla Extract

2. Spices

Pairing low expenses with intensive flavors, natural spices are among the best ways to add flavor to coffee. Hit your local grocery store, and keep your eye out for these spices:

  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon

3. Chocolate

The unlikely hero for adding flavor; chocolate! If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with adding a square of chocolate into your morning routine. We recommend adding in a piece of dark chocolate or keep it light and drizzle chocolate syrup on top of your latte. 

Pro tip: For more chocolate flavor in your daily brew, add cocoa nibs in with coffee beans in your at-home grinder. After brewing the two flavors together and falling in love, you can thank us on social media later!

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