There’s something especially exciting about summer events. Steamy days, carefree nights, all filled with music and good times. It’s no wonder that so many of our best memories are from this season.

With so many events taking place in the summer, though, it’s easy for a gathering to get lost in the shuffle. And whether it’s summer or winter, event planners face the same challenge: creating an experience that their guests (and their client) will remember.

Here are three event planning trends that can elevate your gathering this summer and beyond.

Event Planning Trends

Smaller, More Intimate Events

When given the choice between having to contend with swarming crowds at huge events or mingling with a cozier circle, more and more event attendees are showing a preference for the latter.

Although most of us are arguably over-connected in the online world, we appreciate and even crave in-person connections more than ever.  Smaller groups foster personal bonds, and that’s where the magic of an event really happens.

Unexpected Venues

Banquet halls and conference centers certainly offer comfortable spaces, but unconventional venues (think warehouses, factories, barns, etc.) engage your guests’ interest right from the start and immediately set your event apart from the average gathering.

Memorable Food and Drink

Obviously, we are big fans of this one.  The food and drink at an event play a huge part in its overall success. The trick is presenting enticing, less common yet universally appealing options. This is especially true for bar areas, known for being the place where people engage and connect on a personal level. (See trend #1 above.)

As an example, our mobile espresso and coffee bar ensures that guests will not have to suffer through a cup of black liquid bitterness while chatting with colleagues or friends. All they want is a smooth cup of hot, delicious coffee over good conversation and laughs. That, they’ll remember.

The common thread among all of these event planning trends is essential to impress guests with new and unique experiences. It’s a tall order, to be sure, but with summer on your side, another fabulous summer memory is absolutely within reach


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