Keeping up with catering trends can be tricky.

It could be the latest TikTok craze or new wedding themes coming into style; staying on top of trends is a full-time job. And what’s the worst part? As soon as you nail all the trending topics, something new quickly steals the spotlight!

Don’t worry, our crew works around the clock to ensure we stay up to date with what’s hot and trending in the catering industry for 2022.

No one wants to hire that same boring company, and keeping up with the latest trends is more important than ever. To catch you up to speed, get ready for three of the most trending services within the catering industry. Heads up; these aren’t your grandparent’s catering options!

What's Trending in the Catering Industry? 2022
What’s Trending in the Catering Industry? 2022

Charcuterie/Grazing tables

What's Trending in the Catering Industry? 2022

Charcuterie has taken social media by storm. Scrolling through your Instagram feed, it’s only a matter of time before you spot a collection of cheeses appearing aesthetically. Now take charcuterie and multiply it by 50; that’s what a grazing table is. This trendy option is ideal for large groups open to picking their way through the catering selection.

Just make sure your meats and cheeses pair accordingly, or you might face judgment from the social media crowd!

Vegan/Gluten-fee Options

What's Trending in the Catering Industry? 2022

Vegan options have been trending for a while, but more recently, they’ve arrived at the party. Catering companies now offer the standard option of a vegan selection as well as gluten-free choices. Younger generations are all about healthy living, and the catering industry is following suit.

Follow the healthy food trend with items such as smoothie bowls, edible flowers, plant-based soups, and gourmet vegan entrees.

Coffee & Espresso Catering

Coffee Catering - Trending in the Catering Industry? 2022

Out with the champagne and in with the coffee! You may have heard, espresso catering has made headlines as the top option to include at your big event. Not only does coffee and espresso catering provide your guests with a picturesque moment to capture latte art, it’s also a healthy alternative to boozy beverages.

Think about it, what’s better than keeping the party alive with fresh espresso? It’s time for your guests to experience espresso and coffee catering at the top of its game. With Cupa Cabana, you’ll quickly see how custom-branded mobile coffee bars create a catering experience like no other!

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