Latte art is one of the most popular creations you’ll see amongst coffee lovers on social media!

So, are you ready to join the masters and create latte art of your very own? Here are five latte art tips from the experts to help you cover the basics before you get pouring.

5 Essential Tips for Creating Latte Art

1. Use Fresh Whole Milk

Since one cup of a latte contains one shot of espresso and a good amount of milk, you should always be using the highest quality of milk out here.

What exactly constitutes high-quality milk that is ideal for latte art? Since you need milk fat and protein to maintain consistent milk foam, you first need to ensure it is fresh. Remember: fresh milk is the best milk. Fresh milk also allows the froth to be silky and shiny, two properties that are ideal for a good latte.

2. Use your favorite pitcher

One part of pouring latte art that you can’t overlook is the importance of a durable pitcher. Use a pitcher that you are familiar with or feel most comfortable pouring from.

3. Quality Espresso

5 Essential Tips for Creating Latte Art

You may think that practicing with low-quality espresso is the best way to do it, but it’s quite the opposite. A smooth and dark-colored crema is the dual combination necessary for creating striking latte art.

4. Pour extra carefully

5 Essential Tips for Creating Latte Art

Sure, some of the most experienced baristas can create latte art in a flash, but everyone starts somewhere. Don’t be overly nervous and pour too quickly; this can ruin all the hard work you put in beforehand.

Did you know the latte art champion in Taiwan takes up to 30 seconds to pour his latte art? Take your time and pour gently; you can’t rush perfection.

5. Practice!

5 Essential Tips for Creating Latte Art

Practice is always one of the most important things you’ll do when it comes to mastering a craft. Latte art is not different.

Make sure you practice your technique, and with time, you will see your abilities improve!

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