A little food inspiration for your wedding day never hurt! If your Pinterest board has been steadily growing with unique catering options to top off your big day, we’re here to help grow your list.

Let’s face it, we’re in the year 2021, and nothing is as it used to be. Calling up that same traditional catering service with mini hotdogs just isn’t going to cut it. Guests nowadays expect something spectacular when they come to your wedding with an empty belly. Unique food and drink options make a memorable impression that will have people feeling as good as you, the bride, look.

Give the people what they want with one of these three out-of-the-box catering options! You’re going to create a fantastic experience while being able to enjoy the tasty treats just like everyone else.

3. Try a Brunch Bar

3 Unique Food & Drink Options to "WOW" Your Guests

If someone isn’t a fan of brunch, you probably don’t want them at your wedding anyways. Jokes aside, a brunch bar is the perfect medium for guests of all ages. Give guests the choice of savory biscuits and gravy, or spice things up with a section for omelettes. There’s nothing like a delicious brunch bar to complete your wedding!

And for the 21+ crowd, mimosas are a must to be included. Cheers to all-day breakfast!

2. Taco Bar

3 Unique Food & Drink Options to "WOW" Your Guests

You might be thinking,” a taco bar? How does that work?” Take it from us; it works exceptionally well. Even if your wedding isn’t on Taco Tuesday, guests will rejoice at a bar with all the taco fixings they could imagine.

Complete your taco bar with guacamole and various sauce options! You can even add topping options such as pineapples and mangos to give your taco bar a tropical flair.

1. Mobile Coffee Bar

3 Unique Food & Drink Options to "WOW" Your Guests

Last but certainly not least on our list of unique food & drink options is one of the most popular of all. Mobile coffee & espresso bars have become a staple at modern-day weddings, and it’s not surprising why. With an elaborate set-up of coffee drink options, you can be sure your wedding continues late into the night.

Mobile coffee catering remains a crowd favorite;  don’t miss out on the fun.

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