We all can agree a morning meeting isn’t exactly something to look forward to. As much fun as waking up extra early for a lecture may sound, we’ve been discovering ways to spruce things up.

When you need to get your day started right, what’s the perfect solution? Coffee, obviously! It may not be rocket science, but a cup of coffee is surely the best way to prep for the day.

If you feel this way, odds are, so do your employees! For your next morning meeting, give your hard-working team a reason to get excited. Our premier coffee bars create a new atmosphere that you may not expect from a typical morning meet-up.

Spark the Conversation

Are you expecting your employees to come into a morning meeting bright-eyed and ready to listen? You better come prepared. As simple as it sounds, including a coffee bar at your next meeting can be a make-or-break move.

With a cup of espresso, your staff is bound to begin the day strong. As you know, just as well as we do, the smell of coffee is often all you need to spark conversation. Whether it’s the caffeine or just utter excitement, our mobile coffee bars are the ideal solution to a boring meeting.

Show your Appreciation

We all love a little employee appreciation from time to time! Show your team just how much you care by giving them a roast to look forward to. Curating a memorable meeting may be difficult, but when you show your staff genuine appreciation, things begin to tip in your favor.

That same old bagel trey is getting old, and you know it! Stock up an espresso bar to give your people a taste of the good life.

Enhance the Concentration

After you’ve sparked the conversation and shown appreciation, we’ll let you guess what the final result is.

A hard-working staff needs fuel to keep things going in the right direction. With Cupa Cabana coffee catering, not only will your meeting be memorable, but the results will show. A happy staff is the first step towards a productive culture.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to make sure your meetings aren’t soon forgotten!

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