Pour up an espresso and get comfortable; it’s time to prepare for Market Week 2020 in New York City. As suppliers begin to take on one of the busiest times of the year, everyone can use a little extra help. It takes a full team to aid in traveling with supplies, setting up shop, and eventually securing the perfect buyers.

But, one thing that is often overlooked during these events isn’t necessarily the booth itself. The tricky part comes when you begin trying to find a way to make sure your company is standing out from the crowd. No, we’re not talking about hiring a professional sign flipper. The best way to secure buyers while sparking conversation? A piping hot latte.

Shall we explain?

Why a Coffee bar?

Here at Cupa Cabana, we’ve made sure to test the waters first to make sure every event we’re a part of is a memorable one. See, the simple part is designing a stylish booth. The real way to make market season count for your brand is by attracting a crowd. With the help of one of our three premier coffee bars, reeling in potential buyers becomes more manageable than ever before.

Our team works to attract an audience with the sweet scent of Cupa’s proprietary coffee blend. We then capture them with superior service from our professionally trained baristas. Why not top everything off with a little latte art?

Why Cupa Cabana?

When you work with us, the original coffee catering company, it becomes clear why Cupa Cabana stands out from the rest. The typical coffee bar serving up that Dunkin Doughnuts blend from two months ago just simply doesn’t cut it.

Not only do we provide top-quality joe, but our coffee bars have also been known to become a conversation centerpiece. When your booth starts filling up with excited new clients all sipping on a fresh latte, selling products becomes a whole lot easier.

We are proud to offer our popular latte selections just in time for Market Week in NYC. If you’re looking to bring the conversation to your booth while boosting sales, a Cupa Cabana coffee bar is always the way to go.

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