We’ve seen our share of trade shows. Walking up and down the aisles, you know which booths have prepared efficiently and drink. They are the booth that is engaging with customers. They are the booth that is participating in active conversations and visuals to bring attendees into the conversation. You see here an example of a company who followed a basic, yet effective trade show checklist.

Trade Show Checklist - Cupa Cabana

Let’s take a look at a simple, chronological checklist to help you plan your booth and other logistics.


The Benefits of a Trade Show Checklist

Let’s take a look at a simple, chronological list to help you plan your booth and other logistics.


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Show Time

Before the show, take some time to walk around your booth. Ensure the set up is correct, clean, and present. Ensure all documents, handouts, displays, or other areas are complete and ready. Sometimes, in the midst of setting up or preparations – little details are left out. This is okay; it is why a trade show checklist comes in handy. Remember, last minute changes are sometimes inevitable. Make a note of things that arise – it may come in handy for future show managers to handle if they come up again.

As you gather trade show experience,  take into consideration what people are interested in seeing or hearing. What attracts them to a booth? What promo item helps open up a conversation? Many times, our clients note that a coffee service was one of the best ideas for a show. Why? It is a conversation starter and a universally-loved beverage, and let’s be honest. Everyone gives out a pen or small promotional object. They’ll likely end up in the trash. A hot beverage and meaningful conversation will be something that lasts a much, much longer amount of time.

Good luck with your tradeshow! Share other tips or logistics with us. They will only help your fellow readers.

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