In this second part of our trade show enhancement series, we continue to look at things being done in today’s trade show world to attract customers. Tradeshows are typically all about the hustle and bustle, and if you blend into the surroundings, the chances of your brand connecting with attendees are less. So, aside from team organization and digitizing visuals – what else brings people to your booth?


Trade Show Tips and Booth Boosters - Cupa Cabana

As we have stressed in previous posts – a trade show is a wonderful way to surround your business with people who are interested in the types of services you have to offer. A trade show is an opportunity to reach a particular crowd, discuss business in person, and begin to establish a healthy business relationship. Do your marketing right, and reap the benefits.

Be the Most Social at the Trade Show

Social media is a crucial aspect of a show’s voice at a show. Why? Not only are you able to reach customers who are not at the show, but you can also help build your social community. Think about it – your company is involved in many events and tradeshows around the country. You make connections with like-minded businesses and people, and when you connect on social media – you can share industry insights, news, updates, and other things with each other. Your company, heavily involved in the conversation, now is portraying itself as an industry leader. A knowledgeable member of the community, connected with many other professionals. You have now made your brand more valuable, just by being involved!

Do you need ideas on how to be social for the show? Have a member of the team be in charge of social photography. They can post, re-tweet, and share information throughout the day. Bring some tablet kiosks to the show. There are kiosks now that lock and anchor, so you don’t worry about lost items. Cue a social stream to play on one of these devices. Connect with attendees on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Offer incentives or special promo items for those who do connect with your company.

Treat Your Guests to Something Different


We love this idea because it is where we are experts! In our experience serving coffee at different shows across the Northeast, we see how people appreciate a warm beverage as a welcome stop during their walk of the floor. Don’t be surprised when you hear people breaking 20,000 steps a day at a big show! A hot, delicious beverage is a welcome oasis for a tired show attendee. The beauty of this type of incentive is the ability also to brand it. When someone leaves the booth, and they are holding a delicious smelling latte or cappuccino, a person may ask, “Where did you get that cup of coffee!?” When they point to the area of your booth, or the person asking sees your branding on the cup – they will remember your business name and actively seek you. This is again an opportunity to connect and network!

A good vendor will blend into your team and booth. We recently did a show with a client and went along with their theme. It was a great time! Branded cups and friendly service helped attract customers and show attendees. There was great conversation and networking happening as the espresso machines were fired up!

Offer Incentives or Special Show Deals

Why not make the people who are meeting you at the trade show feel as though their business is important? As in really, really important. A special incentive or sale for business partners who visit the booth and being a conversation regarding their needs is a way to entice people to your booth for more information. Everyone likes saving money. Most people like feeling as though their business goes a long way, as well.


Always Look to Evolve Your Booth

Its an extremely fast-paced world, and tradeshows are exploring digital efforts, new show set-ups, and other quick-moving trends in the business community. Keep a close tab on your booth and ask your team to make notes of things to improve in the future. This information is important to build a better experience not only for your staff in the future but also for your customers. What did they say they liked? Was there a presentation that was engaging? Did they appreciate the expert insight? Was an interactive app what caught their eye?



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