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Imagine that you have landed the deal of your business’s life. Now, the client is coming into your office. You have your coffee bar and assorted snacks per usual. However, when you think about a new customer or someone you just want to wow – you want to bring out the best of the best, right? One way you may do that is to get a catered meal. Now, you don’t want to run into being boring; you want to serve your client, and make them feel special. So what else can be done? What about a boardroom coffee event?

A unique, custom alternative to having food delivered is hiring a mobile coffee cart. A mobile coffee cart provides more than just a cup of coffee. What you get when you a mobile cart in your office?

  1. Commercial, high powered equipment,
  2. Attentive and professional trained Barista staff,
  3. Traditional flavoring syrups, all the accouterments.


Boardroom Coffee - Tip

What should be on the Boardroom Coffee Menu?



You will get a proprietary blend of espresso beans from around the globe. Maybe your client has just traveled for business or a holiday. You could serve the bean from that region. Cater to what your customer cherishes.



Some days you want something sweet but aren’t in the mood for pastries or chocolate. Smoothies are a healthy alternative and can uplift your mood. There are proven benefits that super foods can put you in a better mood and increase your productivity. What a great idea at a meeting!



What if you have an interest in serving sweets? There should be no shame in loving a perfect baked good. Carts can offer cookie packages, cupcakes, and whole cakes.

The best recommendation is to discover what your new client likes and deliver it to them. Not only will it show your interest in them, but they will also feel special. Everyone deserves that. If that is what a mobile coffee cart can offer you, why not give it a try?


The only role you will play is making the call.

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