Being a part of the event planner industry isn’t always all glitz and glamour. Keeping up with recent trends is one of the most challenging parts of the job, but we’re here to help. You could be talking about meeting destination trends, technology trends, attendee trends, and so much more – it’s hard to keep track.

As an event planner, trying to evolve with the trends means paying constant attention to just about everything in the event space.

To help find the perfect formula for planning your next event, we’ve put together a couple of things you will want to stay on top of. Event planning trends continue to evolve, which means so should you!


With the increase of social media and other event planning services, custom messaging speaking directly to your eventees has become increasingly prevalent. That same old email blast that’s been sent for the past 5 years just isn’t going to cut it for much longer. Personalization means not only speaking to your guests but in a way that they align with most.

In 2020, always make sure you are talking directly to your audience. This can be done by providing custom messaging via invitations or even suggesting different options for your various audiences. For example, one event in Montreal, Canada, called the C2 offered guests 11 different ways to enjoy the day. Can you match that?

Personalization is changing the way we present ideas and in more ways than just one.Getting in front of the right audience with the correct messaging has become more of a trend as the proper technology continues to expand.

Don’t miss out on this growing opportunity to connect!

Live Events

Trending in 2020 also includes a variety of different ways to get guests involved with your event. You can’t only think within the box! One event planner from discusses her train of thought for including live performances at events. One example includes, “Forbes’ Under 30 Summit — a gathering of 7,000 30-and-under entrepreneurs,” which “hosts an actual music festival as part of the event. Attendees can network while enjoying artists like Marshmello and Wiz Khalifa.”

Gathering people with a festival-like mentality is a growing trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Give your guests a reason to get excited!

Innovative Food Selections

More and more event planners are beginning to experience the pain of not having the proper catering companies in place. It may seem like an obvious thing to have included, but guests are often left unsatisfied with the quality of food at larger events.

By including innovative ways to present a menu, event-goers have even more to look forward to. Short on ideas for getting creative with your food selection? One of the most popular food trends for events in 2020 includes the always compelling touch of coffee catering. A mobile espresso bar keeps your guests engaged and ready for the next phase of the day. Pour up!

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