We can all agree this is a difficult time for those looking to tie the knot. Even with the country on lockdown, your wedding plans don’t have to cease automatically. Make the most of this free time on your hands! Wedding planning can often be a hectic whirlwind of coordination and emotion, but it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s talk all about trying to find a silver lining during this unprecedented time for the event industry. It may not be ideal, but who said love is always easy?

Get in Touch With Vendors

As dramatic as the effects of COVID-19 have been on the events industry, we’re trying to remain positive. Many vendors have been forced to take a back seat during this time, but the show must go on.

Although the summertime is often the toughest time to get in touch with vendors, the tables have turned. Now more then ever, potential vendors are open and ready to begin scheduling.

Why not focus your wedding planning skills on the drinks? We all know this is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful big day! Get ahold of coffee catering company Cupa Cabana to learn how a coffee bar can transform your foreseeable event.

Plan Entertainment

Ah, nothing speaks more to a wedding than the quality of entertainment. Maximize your free time by curating wedding tunes or even plan out some logistics. Which song is chosen for the first dance? Who’s running the DJ booth? Planning entertainment takes more time than you may think!

Go Virtual

If you’re like many and the suspense is building for your big day, why not take things to the big screen? Or tablet, either one! Trending the nation within the past few months is the idea of virtual weddings. By hopping on a Zoom call, you experience the joy of family without the expense of an elaborate venue.

The future is here!

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