Did you know that one glass of cold brew is equivalent to about seven cans of energy drinks? And not to mention a quarter of the amount of sugar. With that being said, the clear-cut choice for a morning kickstart in the summer is the famous cold brew classic.

Cold brew has become a crowd favorite not only because of its caffeine content but also the incredible taste that is left behind. After the slow infusion with water takes place, the bitter and sour aspects of coffee are eliminated. This leaves behind a go-to coffee option that is both smooth and sweet.

Join us today as we go over the basics of homemade cold brew and how you can create this coffee concoction all by yourself. All you’re going to need is coffee beans, a coffee grinder, water, and a whole lot of patience.

What are the Basics of Homemade Cold Brew?

1. Grind up your beans coarsely

Let’s start our cold brew adventure with the basics. Grind your coffee beans for about 1 second, making sure the grounds remain coarse and not like a fine powder. About 1 cup of coarse grounds should do it for now until your ready for a bigger batch.

2. Coffee grounds combined with water

Once you pick a large enough container for your cold brew, pour in your coffee grounds. Follow up with enough water to fill the majority of your jar. Gently stir your mix to make sure all of your coarse grounds are soaked in water.

3. Wait patiently

Since cold brew takes about 12 hours to steep, make sure you plan accordingly. If you’re planning on showing off your coffee skills at work, begin the cold brew process at least two nights beforehand.

4. Strain your coffee

With a cheesecloth or a strainer, filter the grounds of your cold brew into a jar. You’re almost there!

5. Store your coffee

Once the grounds are completely filtered out, pour your coffee into a jar that will fit well in the fridge. After a few hours of letting it stay cold, your coffee is ready to be served.

6. Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Pour your cold brew over ice and enjoy.

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