If you’re planning out your big day, you don’t need me to remind you just how much there is to account for. With so many moving parts, it can be challenging to decide which area to spend the most time on. What we’ve discovered over the years is that there are several ways to make your wedding stand out, none more important than the food.

Having the proper selection of food options for your wedding has become essential. But, how do you make sure the grub is top-notch? Here are a few recommendations to make sure your wedding catering experience lives up to (and beyond) expectations!

Pick a Theme

When you bring in wedding catering, make sure you have the proper theme in place. By tying in the food with your wedding design, things begin to feel a bit more cohesive.

Think about the various ways your theme can accompany your food! Planning a Florida beach wedding? Go with mini key lime pies! Or, how about a winter wedding wonderland? Tie in some cozy foods such as tomato soup and baked cheese!

Wedding Catering Tips for the Big Day

Stay Hydrated

Catering isn’t only just about your food options. Coffee catering has become one of the most popular aspects of a wedding. By providing a mobile coffee bar, you promote conversation while keeping your guests satisfied. It’s a win-win!

Finding the right mobile coffee cart service is easy! Go with the original coffee catering company, Cupa Cabana. We provide everything that it takes to make sure your wedding catering service is nothing less than exceptional.

Top Things Off

What else is a better way to make sure your catering is on point than with the right dessert? Something sweet is always a great addition to the big day! Work with a catering service to make sure that treats are ready for your guests to enjoy throughout the wedding.

If your interested in making sure desserts are attended to, our specialty menu is here to please! We’d love to sweeten things up for your already perfect wedding day – contact us today.

Wedding Catering Tips for the Big Day

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