What’s the best way to welcome employees back to the office? With industry-leading coffee catering, of course! There’s no better way to welcome back your hard-working crew than with coffee sourced from all over the world and served up by the industry’s best.

Whether you’re located in New York City, Philadelphia, or anywhere in the tri-state area, coffee catering brings a smile to even the most serious workers. If you’re like many businesses and starting a hybrid model of welcoming employees back, showing your appreciation for going through a long couple of years is the least you can do.

Contact Cupa Cabana to learn how we can provide nitro brew in the office or even custom branding on coffee bars to ensure that your employees enjoy the best experience possible.

Mobile Coffee Bars in the Office

When the Cupa crew shows up, the crowd is soon to follow. Just take a look below at our recent appearance at the Payoneer office below. We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming back hard-working employees from all different industries, and we hope it doesn’t stop soon.

This is an exciting time to welcome your staff back to the office, and there’s nothing like giving them exactly what they need.

Cupa Cabana Coffee Catering comes complete with high-quality coffee, five-star service, and everything else you need for a perfect cup of joe. If you are interested in welcoming back your team at the office with coffee catering, click here to request a quote, and we will get back to you soon as possible.

Bring the buzz and give your office the kickstart we all need. Cupa Cabana is here to help!

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