There’s just something about being an American and needing our daily dose of caffeine. As much as other countries can try to compete, the love for coffee here runs deep. Did you know the revenue of coffee shops was equal to $12 billion in annual sales in 2020? There’s a reason Dunkin’ Doughnuts sticks with the motto, “America runs on Dunkin’!” 

Take a look at any coffee shop menu around the States, you’ll see just how much coffee has become a part of our culture. With drink variations ranging from regular iced coffee to a “summer berry panna cotta frappuccino” (yes, that’s a real thing), it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which drink Americans love most.

Just a few years ago, lattes topped the chart with research by the Specialty Coffee Association showing Americans consumed over 67 million lattes in one year! Can you believe that? But, as years come and go, so do the most popular coffee drink choices. 

Let’s dive into the numbers to find out exactly which form of coffee is currently leading the pack.

What is the Most Popular Coffee Drink in the USA?

The Love of Espresso

One of the most popular coffee drinks worldwide, let alone the U.S., espresso continues to remain in the lead for specialty coffee. Perfect for the early mornings or even as an after-meal treat, the versatility of espresso makes it a crowd favorite. For those looking to get even more buzz for your cup, a double shot of espresso is the way to go. 

Rising in popularity is the option for at-home espresso makers, such as the Nespresso machine. According to, espresso makers’ total retail sales in 2019 was upwards of $220 million! With numbers like that, it’s no surprise just how popular espresso has become over the years.

What is the Most Popular Coffee Drink in the USA?

Outside of the house, American drive-thru coffee shops have also seen an increase in the love of espresso.’s data shows the average drive-thru coffee business sells approximately 300 Cups of Espresso every day, which means a store staying open 9-5 would be selling almost 40 cups of espresso every hour!

We’ve covered espresso popularity in the typical American home and even in drive-thrus, but what about at work? Mobile espresso bars have opened up the opportunity to rent a custom cart for whereever you need to be. Corporate offices have been renting espresso carts left and right to keep their employees as sharp as can be.

What is the Most Popular Coffee Drink in the USA?

Contact Cupa Cabana to learn more about bringing America’s favorite drink to your office! Or, any event that you’ll need a helping of espresso (which is pretty much everywhere)!

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