Remember those commercials that showed a problematic situation that was easily remedied by pushing a big, red “Easy” button?

We can chalk that up to the magic of TV commercials. But what if it were that simple to hire a professional mobile espresso bar to serve your guests exceptional coffee drinks?

When Cupa Cabana works your event, it can be.

What to Expect from a Mobile Espresso Bar Experience

We handle all the details of bringing an upscale mobile espresso bar experience to your event so that you can focus on what’s most important: enjoying time with your guests.

It all starts with a plan crafted well in advance.  Our team works with you to capture your ideas for the event and document all of your preferences. If there are any logistics to figure out with the venue, we handle that, as well. Our goal is to over-prepare for your big day.

Our team arrives on time and ready to set up and serve. Behind the scenes, we assemble an elegant mobile espresso bar experience that mimics the lush feel of a posh coffee shop. Believe us; your guests will want to linger here! And coffee fans will be pleasantly surprised to find that their favored drink is treated as more than just a bitter-tasting afterthought.

During the event, our trained baristas work their magic behind the bar, crafting delicious espresso drinks for each of your guests. Skilled in handling high volume crowds, our staff keeps the coffee flowing and the party vibe going. The chic ambiance, quality beverages, and top-notch service may just spoil your attendees, but then again, isn’t that the point?

Once your party is over, we break down the bar seamlessly and out of sight. This is the part where you breathe a sigh of satisfaction that your event was a huge success!

In the end, impressing your guests doesn’t have to be hard. Partner with us for your next event, and it’ll be just like pushing that “Easy” button.

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