Latte Art is the process of utilizing steamed milk to create beautiful designs and artistic flair within an espresso. Some baristas have created a name for themselves based on their ability to create masterpieces within a caffeinated canvas.

We thought it would be fun to feature some of the videos and photos from these artists to showcase their ability to create the perfectly painted picture. Who’d have thought there’d be such inspiration in the froth?

Latte Art
Photo Credit: The Mommist

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Some of the best latte art comes in the form of wildlife, especially the feathered kind. Check out this video showing the creation of some serious swan art.

Latte art is more than for just the birds. How about getting things kickin’ with some Aussie inspired latte designing?

Latte art isn’t just brown and white. Who is interested in adding a little color to their cup?

So as you can clearly see, the art of the latte has come quite a long way from the typical cup of coffee or espresso with a dash of sugar and milk. A skilled barista can attest that the added design is something that will stand out to the consumer, and can add a touch of personalization the run of the mill cup of coffee cannot touch.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Latte Art?

Most baristas take months to perfect their pour, and many attest to the fact that a few gallons of milk and a bunch of so-so coffee beans were the test subjects as they mastered their craft. The best mode of learning today? YouTube videos! (Much like the ones we’ve featured in the blog today).

Interested in taking classes to dive deeper into the art of latte design? Check out these for those of you in the tri-state area.


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