Remember the first time you were served latte art with a beautiful heart or leaf design crafted from foamed milk?

You probably felt a sense of wonder about how coffee could provide a canvas for such charming and unexpected art. And maybe it made your coffee experience that much sweeter since you were given something special to behold and drink.

Why Latte Art Makes Coffee More Special

Research supports this idea.

In a study by The Journal of Sensory Studies, participants tasted and rated photos of identical lattes. When asked about the value of each beverage, the drinks with latte art rated higher than the plain versions. Various other research has shown that people assign a higher value to food that is presented in an attractive way.

In the case of coffee, beautifully artistic latte art is a sign that the barista took great care in preparing this drink. It is intended to please the eye as well as the palate, which shows effort that is above and beyond. And who wouldn’t want that kind of special treatment?

This is why we think booking Cupa Cabana’s mobile espresso bar is a perfect choice for any event where you want your guests to feel pampered. They will appreciate the outside-the-drip-brew-box thinking that allows them to enjoy delicious espresso drinks instead of sad standard coffee. And they’ll also get the message that you care about their overall experience.

And although arranging this tasty detail for your guests may look like it requires a lot more effort for you, we at Cupa Cabana take care of everything. Our Head Barista and Assistant Barista handle all the mechanics of setting up, making the coffee, and serving it to your guests with friendly flair. We do all the work; you take all the credit.

So, when you’re ready to add something extra special to your event, talk to us about our mobile espresso bar. We’ll be over here practicing our leaf latte art.

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