The big day is arriving soon! Or maybe you’re taking on the role of wedding planning for a friend, either way, you know how particular this time can be. Friends and family all sharing what will be the most special day of a couple’s lives, no pressure at all. Time to get to work.

As many wedding planners have suggested over the years, brides and grooms are challenging the traditional wedding. Why limit yourself to the church? New couples have been exploring the possibilities of their wedding choices, and we’re here for it. Let’s cover the millennial basics to a trendy wedding in 2019.

Bringing the Party Outside

We all love tradition. But, sometimes, it’s all about bringing the inside out. Over the past few years, the popularity of outdoor weddings has been exploding. Small weddings propped up on the beach or tucked away in the woods have opened the doors to alternate settings.

Lauren Fremind of Loli Events knows all about these upcoming wedding trends, “we have been saying ‘bring the outside in’ for years, but we are seeing a lot more of ‘bring the inside out. Couples love outdoor weddings, but to make them feel more like a fabulous dining or living room, we are bringing typical indoor pieces to the outdoors.”

So, don’t be afraid to take the party somewhere your guests wouldn’t expect. It’s a great way to set the scene for an incredible day.

Let’s Cover 3 Wedding Trends for 2019

But first, coffee!

Not necessarily new to the scene but always on the up and up, mobile espresso bars are becoming more requested than ever. After a long day of speeches (and champagne), what’s a better way to bring the buzz back to your guests? Coffee catering stations have indeed taken weddings to a new level.

If you’re looking to add a coffee bar to complete the wedding scene, we recommend you add a personal touch of flair. Creating custom graphics to display on the espresso bar not only adds to the experience but makes for a pretty sweet photo-op. Check out some of our favorite custom coffee bars by clicking here!

Let’s Cover 3 Wedding Trends for 2019

Light Up the Room

Sure, we all love Christmas lights hung up around the room, but times have changed. 2019 wedding trends are all about lighting up the crowd.

Wedding planners found that the onset of more statement lighting has become a new staple for this year’s decorations. Don’t let traditional lighting dim your day! Make an impact on your guests with electric candles or even Chinese lanterns.

Let’s Cover 3 Wedding Trends for 2019

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