Coffee is one of the world’s most popular go-to drinks, and for good reasons. For many of us, a cup or two a day has become an intricate part of our daily routines. Without the perfect pour, your day just doesn’t feel the same, and we can’t blame you. Did you know, according to e-importz, over 50% of the population, equivalent to 150 million Americans, drink espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, or iced/cold coffees?

It could be our need for caffeine, or maybe it’s the taste of a full-bodied brew – either way, coffee’s got you covered.

But, sometimes, a standard cup of black coffee just doesn’t cut it. Why not switch things up? Today’s featured blog post highlights three of the most popular coffee drinks on the market.

We all need a cup of joe to get things rolling, but how about giving your routine some variation? It’s about time to give these three coffee drinks a try!

1. Espresso

Packed with robust flavor and topped with golden-brown foam, the espresso enters our list at number 1. Espressos remain the most popular coffee drink since they are essentially the base to so many others. It has been reported that coffee drive-thru businesses sell up to 250 cups of espresso per day. That’s a lot of shots!

Next on our list is the cappuccino, which is nothing without the espresso foundation.

3 Most Popular Types of Coffee Drinks2. Cappuccino

You could say that a cappuccino is one of the most well-known drinks on our list. As a staple in the coffee world, you can definitely rate a coffee shop on their ability to make a proper cappuccino.

Both equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth, this popular drink checks all the boxes.

Another favorite part of the cappuccino is its versatility. Are you looking to start the week off right with a coffee treat? Cappuccino time. Trying to finish off a fabulous meal with a delectable dessert? Cappucino time.

3 Most Popular Types of Coffee Drinks3. Latte

Do you follow the Cupa Cabana Instagram? If you do, you know just how much we love everything about this drink! Coming in at number three on our list, you can’t overlook the latte. Made with a single shot of espresso and three parts steamed milk, this go-to coffee drink packs a punch.

At our popular mobile coffee catering bars, we’ve found lattes to be a crowd favorite. With both the delicious combination of flavors and our famous cinnamon art designs, it comes as no surprise the latte is one of the coffee world’s most popular drinks.

3 Most Popular Types of Coffee Drinks

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