Here at Cupa Cabana, the original coffee catering company, the safety of our clients and their guests always come first. With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases around the country, we’re here to ensure you that safety protocols remain a top priority. East Coast coffee catering has become one of the most popular trends for events, and it’s important to us that the highest quality of service is always met.

To keep our 5-star service as accessible as possible, we want to refamiliarize you with Cupa Cabana’s contactless ordering platform. We have proudly partnered with FanFood to create an ordering menu that is mobile-centric, avoiding unnecessary contact between our baristas and your guests. As standard as contactless ordering menus have become, let’s take time to dive into exactly how our platform works.

We strive to keep clients comfortable knowing our premium coffee catering is prepared for the uphill battle events are facing across the country.

Take a few seconds to check out the video below so you can get a feel for Cupa Cabana’s contactless ordering platform.

So, how does it work? With the push of a button, event attendees will now be able to place their order directly to our barista station!

Your event-goer’s order arrives promptly to our professionally-trained baristas, followed by a text message that will confirm when their order is ready. We also provide the option to have your drink delivered by a masked server so attendees won’t even have to leave their tables.

With our new contactless order platform, your group of guests sitting together at a table can also all order simultaneously. This makes it easy for groups that are already co-mingled to order together without leaving their seats.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Cupa Cabana with any questions you may have about our contactless order platform. We’re proud to set the standard for the coffee catering industry, one masked barista at a time.

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