The event industry has no doubt seen better days. Weddings are being canceled left and right, and event venues have been either completely shut down or extremely limited. It’s become clear to all of us within the catering and event space that there’s only one thing we can do to survive – adapt. Missing out on huge events ranging up to 500 people is a terrifying thought, but with the proper measure put into play, you can set your catering service up for success in a whole new way.

Although returning to events will come slowly but surely, the best time to ramp up your catering offerings is now. The longer you wait, the more time competition has to figure out ways to get a leg up. We’re proud of our ability to grow with the times here at Cupa Cabana as we continue to keep the safety of our associates, clients, and their guests a top priority.

Let’s cover a few ways for catering companies to survive the COVID-19 protocols, starting with a recent introduction from our team, contactless ordering options.

Contactless Ordering Menu

A few years back, the thought that everything could be ordered with the push of a button might have been a stretch. But, as apps such as InstaCart and DoorDash have shown, placing a mobile order has actually simplified the process. Here at Cupa Cabana, we’ve been working with FanFood to create a contactless ordering platform for our coffee catering services. This option is a massive win for catering services of all sizes, big or small.

After guests go through our contactless ordering menu and select what they are craving, the order is sent directly to our barista station. Once everything is made and ready for pick-up, an automated text message will be sent to the event attendee confirming it’s ready.

Surviving COVID-19 as a catering company can be challenging, but contactless ordering opens up a whole new door of opportunities.

Hands-free Delivery

Once you work to create an online and contactless ordering method, delivery is the next step to take care of. By offering to have catering options delivered directly by a server, guests can do their best to maintain social distance while still receiving exceptional service.

When you offer hands-free delivery, event go-ers enjoy the sense of convenience while feeling safer.

3 Ways Catering Companies Can Survive COVID-19 Protools

Booking Future Events

Receiving a phone call about a canceled event can feel devastating, but that doesn’t mean rescheduling should be off the table. By using different scheduling services such as Super Planner, you can look into offering your catering services at a later date. Also, give people the choice of making a deposit on an upcoming event and look forward to the future.

Once you are in contact with an event host, think of different ways to offer promotions. With so many weddings being canceled, a gift card from your catering service can go a long way.

3 Ways Catering Companies Can Survive COVID-19 Protools

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