Our client’s and their guests’ safety always comes as the top priority for us here at Cupa Cabana. Within the last year, a lot has changed in the events industry, and we all have learned just how important it is to adapt.

As curbside pick-up becomes the gold standard for big-box retailers, restaurants, and catering services have had to create new ways to deliver food safely and effectively. Although it’s tricky to avoid the inevitable face-to-face contact that occurs at events, our team has continued to do all we can to make sure attendees have the option to remain as distanced as possible.

Cupa Cabana is proud to introduce our new CONTACTLESS ORDERING PLATFORM!

After we all eventually return to the venues we’ve missed so dearly over the past year, our team is ready to make your experience as seamless as possible. We’ve been working with FanFood to create a menu that adheres to COVID-19 guidelines and allows guests to order directly from their phones. With the push of a button, event-attendees will now be able to place their order directly to our barista station!

Your event-goer’s order arrives promptly to the barista, followed by a text message that will confirm when their order is ready. We also provide the option to have your drink delivered by a server so attendees won’t even have to leave their table. Now that’s good service!

With our new contactless order platform, your group of guests sitting together at a table can also all order at the same time. This makes it easy for groups that are already co-mingled to order together, without the need to leave their seats.

Cupa Cabana takes the safety of our associates, clients, and their guests very seriously, and we are proud to offer our brand-new contactless ordering platform. For more information on this exciting new offering, take time to tune in below with our CEO, Marianne Cordillo, to learn about the possibilities of bringing this menu to your event. It’s been a long year without events, but we’re excited to come back stronger & better than ever!

Contactless Ordering from Cupa Cabana Espresso Catering from Marianne A Cordillo on Vimeo.


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