Are you in a “coffee with cream and sugar” rut?

Yeah, it’s easy to fall into the same old routine. But if you’re up for adding a bit of exotic adventure to your cup, get ready to explore your kitchen racks. A hint of one of these five flavors can instantly transform your coffee experience.


If you crave a sweet aroma and a creamy flavor, vanilla is a delicious option.  Add a hint of it to your cup of coffee by throwing a vanilla bean in with your coffee grounds. The longer the coffee brews, the more intensely the vanilla flavor shines through. If you don’t have any whole beans around, add a few drops of pure vanilla extract to your coffee pot to achieve a similar effect.


A dash of cinnamon can bring a spicy warmth to your cup of java, and we’re betting everyone has cinnamon in their pantries. You can brew your coffee with a cinnamon stick or a dash or two of the ground variety. It’ll add that bit of extra “mmm” to your cup.

Cocoa Nibs

Before chocolate evolves into the sweet treat we know and love, it exists as cocoa nibs. They have a slightly nutty, chewy dark chocolate taste that pairs perfectly with your coffee. To infuse your drink with their rich flavor, grind one-half teaspoon of the nibs with your coffee beans, and brew as usual. Enjoy that taste of mocha!


Fans of chai, listen up. Cardamom is a favorite coffee partner in Middle Eastern countries, but it hasn’t made the jump to the US. That may change, though, since adding cardamom to coffee results in an enticingly spicy drink. Use the same method as with the cocoa nibs; grind one or two pods with your coffee beans or add one or two shakes of ground cardamom to your freshly brewed cup.


If you don’t have cardamom on hand, try ginger. Whether you doctor your coffee grounds with a couple of slices of fresh ginger or a sprinkling of ground ginger, the resulting drink will smell like gingerbread. Need we say more? Ginger coffee would be an offbeat but heavenly holiday drink to serve guests or only yourself.

These flavors are just the beginning. Experiment by adding your favorite coffee spices to find your perfect blend. (Alphabetizing your spice rack is entirely optional.)


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