Watch out, wedding cake. Your days may be numbered.

Well, maybe that statement is a bit dramatic. We know that as long as there are couples who say, “I do,” cake will be the favored dessert to serve to eager wedding guests.

But more and more couples are opting for less traditional sweets to cap off their celebration. We’ve rounded up five unique wedding dessert stations (that happen to pair beautifully with a gourmet coffee bar).

Dessert catered by Cupa Cubana


When couples exchange rings, what dessert captures the theme of neverending love better than this ring-shaped frosted confection? They can be placed neatly across a tabletop, piled high on a platter, or hung from the pegs of a donut wall. And when they are frosted in the wedding’s signature colors, they make a dazzling display.

Italian Pastries/Biscotti

Shortbread-style Italian cookies are often partially covered with chocolate and adorned with chopped nuts or sprinkles. Some are even sandwiched together with a luscious layer of fruit jam in the middle. Others are simply encrusted with nuts. And crunchy biscotti are begging for a wedding dance with a cup of espresso.


When it comes to pie, there are so many delicious options: fruit flavors like apple, blueberry, cherry, or peach; smooth ones like chocolate silk; velvety custard pies; sweet pecan; tangy key lime. Whether they’re served in slices or as mini pies, they are sure to be crowd-pleasers, especially as an accompaniment to a gourmet cup of coffee.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The genius of the classic chocolate chip cookie lies in its simplicity and comfort food roots. For many of us, they naturally conjure happiness and fond memories. Imagine wedding dessert stations packed with freshly baked cookies dotted with chunks of gooey chocolate. We’re not drooling; you’re drooling!


We saved the most unexpected idea for last. A childhood favorite, s’mores would be sure to lure curious partygoers to the dessert table. And if the idea of melted chocolate and torched marshmallows is a little unnerving, you can always opt for a s’mores tart served in a tidy graham cracker crust. Yummm.

No matter which wedding dessert you choose – whether it’s cake or donuts or pies or something else entirely – your guests will remember the feeling you created with all of your carefully-chosen wedding day details.  And no dessert can compete with that.

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