After a long couple of months dealing with the onset of COVID-19, it finally seems as if things are returning to normalcy. Although we are far way away from packing sports arenas with fans, New Jersey and other states on the east coast are slowly but surely opening back up.

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, the event industry has been struck by the elimination of social gatherings. Thankfully, it is only a matter of time before we’re back to serving up premier coffee catering to clients across the tri-state area. With the introduction of entering into the “yellow phase,” there seems to be light on the horizon.

Are you having a hard time keeping track of what these different measures entail? Let’s talk more about the “yellow phase” and what these precautions mean to the return of events.

Back Outside

Start planning out your event sooner than later because the “yellow phase” is reuniting people across the east coast! With the eased restrictions on outdoor and indoor gatherings, event venues are beginning to start filling up for the first time in months.

By permitting outdoor gatherings up to 100 people, the “yellow phases” is exactly what we’ve all been waiting for. Indoor gathers are limited to either 25% of the building’s capacity or 50 people total, whichever number is smaller. Although it’s just a start, eased restrictions are a step in the right direction.

What’s Next?

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has ambitious plans to open up just in time for summer. According to, “Outdoor gatherings are expected to increase to as many as 250 people by June 22nd.”

This number increases to 500 people by July 3rd, as per Murphy’s requests. This is excellent news for those planning out a July 4th bash! Get out in front of everything and call in Cupa Cabana’s help, we have everything you need to keep your guests buzzing.

As we gradually transition into the “new normal,” getting back into the swing of things is becoming more and more of a reality. Do you think a projection of 500 people events by July 3rd is possible? Let us know on twitter or contact us today; we’re always down to chat.

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