Good news, everybody, we finally almost made it through winter, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel! Here on the east coast, the snow kept on coming throughout the later days in February. Even with the help from our “Winter Warmer” recipe, the days of freezing weather weren’t fun for anybody. But, as we look forward to the upcoming Spring season, there is a lot to look forward to. With wedding venue restrictions starting to ease up, the brisk early days of Spring can be the perfect spot for the date of your big day. As they say, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb!

Spring weddings have been known as being the perfect time for both brides and guests alike. Before the busy days of summer when most people are traveling on vacation, your guests will gladly take a few days off to celebrate in the slower months of March, April, and early May. 

Comfortable temperatures mixed with potentially lower costs from venues; a springtime wedding could be your best bet!

Now that we’ve briefly covered a few reasons why Spring weddings can be both more guest-friendly and even a bit less pricey, it’s time to discuss a few trends that you should look to include. 

Bouquet of Freshly Picked Flowers

Move over, roses! It’s time to think daffodils, tulips, lilacs, and hydrangeas. With so many flowers sprouting up during the Spring season, it shouldn’t be too difficult to arrange a stunning bouquet of freshly picked flowers. Carrying wildflowers down the aisle can make for a beautiful yet unique ceremony.

Upcoming Spring Wedding Trends

Soft Pastel, Wedding Dresses

When you think of the colors of Spring, what comes to mind? The most popular choice during this time of year is traditionally soft, pastel colors. By selecting a neutral color palette for your bridesmaids, the relaxed feeling of Spring comes to life.

Upcoming Spring Wedding Trends

Open Wedding Reception

Make sure you check the weather forecast first, but an open wedding reception in Spring can be the ultimate way to make an impression on your guest. With such temperate weather accompanying Spring, an open-air reception can set a romantic scene like no other.

Upcoming Spring Wedding Trends

Floral Crowns

Get together for an arts and crafts night or look to purchase online; floral crowns are a fun way to get everybody in the spirit of Spring. What’s more fitting for your flower girl than a floral crown of her very own?

Naked Cakes

Have you ever heard of a naked wedding cake? Let’s just say it speaks for itself. Without much frosting on the exterior, a naked cake gives guests a look into the stacked layers of your dessert while providing a trendy look for Spring. First becoming popular in 2013, naked cakes have remained a staple of Spring weddings to this very day.

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