Are you looking for justification to pour up one more cup of joe? We’ve got your answer to a healthy coffee solution for your next brew. Did you know coffee is actually regarded as one of the healthiest options to start off your day with? Catch up on our recent article comparing the health status of energy drinks vs. coffee; you might be surprised what you find out! In the meantime, let’s tackle a few ways to cut down on that sugar obsession so many of us have.

Black coffee is a popular choice, but for those more interested in sugars and creamers, unsweetened coffee is a no-go. It’s time to get your coffee as sweet as you’d like without the unhealthy side effects!

Here are three options for you to consider, and then let us know if you have sweetener secrets of your own! Our DM’s are always open.

Healthy Solutions to Sweeten Your Coffee


Honey is a popular solution for substituting sugar for a couple of good reasons. Preventing allergies and acting as a natural source of antioxidants and energy, honey does a little more than just sweeten things up.

Take a tablespoon of honey and swirl it in your next dose of morning fuel. Both delicious and incredibly healthy, it’s a WIN-WIN.

Healthy Solutions to Sweeten Your Coffee

Maple Syrup

With a similar consistency to honey, maple syrup isn’t only for topping off your buttery waffles. Maple syrup has been well known for its sweetening abilities, but only if it is from a source you can trust. Keep in mind this is an excellent way to go about topping off your coffee only if you avoid high fructose corn syrup. By picking the wrong maple syrup, you might as well dump a few packets of sugar instead.

The quality of your maple syrup means everything for this sweetening solution. Make sure you avoid high fructose syrup to maximize the health effects.

Healthy Solutions to Sweeten Your Coffee


You may know agave from being in another popular go-to (tequila), but instead of the night-club, try out agave in your next cup of coffee.

A natural sweetener sourced directly from cacti; agave nectar has remained a popular choice among health fanatics.

Healthy Solutions to Sweeten Your Coffee

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