It’s no secret that the popularity of espresso bars has been increasing like never before. Whether it’s because the weather is cooling down or event season is arriving, either way, coffee bar catering is oh, so desirable.

Coffee lovers rejoice when they enter a wedding venue and see our bars brewing up! Guests flock to our bars and create an environment that everyone wants to be a part of.

So, are you ready to make a lasting impression on your guests? Cupa Cabana has you covered. Here are three reasons why coffee catering for weddings is the way to go!

Coffee Catering for Weddings: 3 Reasons Why

Generate Buzz & Conversation

When families collide, there may not be much to talk about. Let’s be honest; you can only spend so much time talking about the rainstorm last week. But, with a coffee catering station, the conversation continues to flow!

While your guests sip on espresso, they finally have a reason to chit-chat. A smooth, brewed coffee can make for an excellent conversation starter. Cheers to the newlyweds!

Coffee Catering for Weddings: 3 Reasons Why

A Taste of Elegance

One word that comes to mind when you see Cupa Cabana’s wedding coffee bars is elegance. Our professional equipment teamed up with Cupa’s friendly baristas create an experience like no other. Sure, a photo booth is an ideal wedding activity, but the last thing a bride wants to feel on her big day is tacky.

Pristine coffee catering means providing a quality product with an experience to go along with it. Give your guests a taste of the party while keeping things as elegant as possible. You know what they say, “happy wife – happy life.”

Let Them Know You Care

Simple enough, one of the main reasons we recommend coffee catering for weddings is to let your guests know you care. Professionally serviced espressos mean so much more than that Keurig machine tucked in the corner.

As we believe here at Cupa Cabana, clients always come first. In this case, make sure you prioritize your guests with something special. Our coffee bars check all the boxes!

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