Congratulations …you’re getting married!

If you’re a java lover who’s planning your big day, there’s no better way to jazz up your celebration than by arranging coffee catering for your reception.

A mobile espresso bar at your venue invites guests to a unique and sophisticated experience. And let’s face it: guests love when a wedding is just a bit different from all the others they’ve attended.

At Cupa Cabana, we’re experts at creating a welcoming coffee bar area where your guests can relax and enjoy your fabulous event. Here’s what your guests will enjoy when you partner with us to serve gourmet coffee drinks at your reception.

Create a Cool Coffee House Vibe

We can create a chic “coffee lounge” atmosphere for your guests. Just like your local coffee shop, our mobile espresso bar area encourages your guests to gather (in between dance sessions). They can share conversations, stories, and lattes. This is the stuff memorable events are made of.

Our professional baristas boost the sophistication factor even higher. With our skilled team dedicated to your guests’ satisfaction, you can be sure that each person will receive friendly service and a delicious beverage.

Treat Your Guests to Something Special

Everyone expects one-size-fits-all drip coffee at large functions; it’s usually the only option. When guests see that there’s an espresso bar, they immediately know that they’re in for a treat. One that goes above and beyond the standard wedding fare. That makes you look good!

Offering non-alcoholic drink options shows social responsibility, too. Why should guests be limited to spirits when ordering a drink? Besides, a little caffeine can help keep the party going longer.

Customize Your Cup (In More Ways Than One)

Guests can enjoy their favorite coffee drink — whether it’s an espresso, a latte, a cappuccino – made precisely how they like it. With a variety of syrups and spices on the menu, the possibilities are endless.

The drinks are not the only thing we customize. You can choose to have personalized coffee sleeves featuring a monogram, wedding date, or other festive image. We can even work with you to create a signature wedding drink that includes your favorite flavors.

There are many reasons why your wedding day will be unforgettable for you. Making the day memorable for your guests as well is the icing on the (wedding) cake.

Contact us to see how we can help you wow your guests with our espresso drinks!


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