We’ve all heard the same myths about coffee spreading for years. You’d think the world’s most popular drink wouldn’t be so misunderstood, but it’s clear we need to break down some coffee facts.

Here at the original coffee catering company Cupa Cabana, we are all about educating our audience on the positive aspects of coffee. It’s hard to overlook just how many benefits coffee provides to a daily consumer.

Let’s prove these coffee myths wrong and feel a little better about pouring that extra cup.

Who's Ready to Bust 3 Myths About Coffee?

Myth #1: Coffee causes insomnia

This one can feel controversial. Coffee does not cause insomnia and will not influence those suffering from it. Your liver works throughout the day to process caffeine, and nearly all of it is flushed out within 4-7 hours. Therefore, drinking an entire cup around 3 p.m. will not affect your nighttime ritual.

Although some may suffer from being slow coffee metabolizers, coffee itself will not induce insomnia.

Myth #2: Coffee has no health benefits

Have you seen advertisements bashing coffee and its benefits? More often than not, these controversial videos have little to no merit. Coffee has had an incredible amount of studies on its benefits and potential drawbacks.

Studies have shown that coffee can actually increase the amount of weight loss during exercise, improve your heart’s overall health, and can even aid in hair growth.

Myth #3: Decaf is 100% caffeine free

Let’s show decaf some love. Although many avoid drinking decaf because they fear its complete lack of caffeine, decaffeinated coffee is not 100% caffeine free.

Decaf is the perfect post-dinner drink to provide a bit of energy paired with the delicious flavors of your favorite brew. Decaf coffee contains around 2 mg of caffeine compared to a round 95 milligrams in a regular cup. Although 2 mg feels minuscule, we’re here to remind you that decaf is NOT 100% caffeine free.

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