As planners head back into the office, event hosting is now back at the forefront. It has taken time for the event industry to bounce back, but as it does, it’s more important than ever to call up your local vendors. Here at Cupa Cubana, our team is thrilled to get back to traveling around the east coast, providing industry-leading coffee catering services. Before all of that, make sure you consider all the different ways our company can elevate your next birthday party, corporate event, or wedding.

A few weeks back, we touched on five different wedding entertainment ideas. We understand, maybe you’re not in the mood to rent a petting zoo for your special day. What’s the perfect medium for wedding entertainment that doesn’t add to your already stressful schedule? A mobile espresso bar.

Read on as we cover just a few of the reasons why!

Mobile Espresso Bar by Cupa Cubana
Mobile Espresso Bar by Cupa Cubana


One of our clients’ favorite things to rave about is the convenience of our mobile espresso bars. Coffee catering isn’t always a simple solution.  When you call Cupa Cabana, you can be assured we take care of the dirty work for you.

Our one-stop coffee carts carry various flavored syrups to accompany our propriety blend of beans from around the world. And we don’t stop there! Opt for the addition of a nitro brew tap or even our popular pastries on the side. Whatever your selections may be, our team of traveling baristas is sure to impress.


Like we said, our propriety beans from all over the globe is something worth writing home about. When it comes to what matters, our mobile espresso bars come packed with quality goods, often sourced from other local vendors.

When you set up a complete coffee cart for your guests, you’re showing just how much you value true quality.

Peace of Mind

Have you ever hired catering, only to feel like you did all of the work yourself? No worries, Cupa Cabana is here to provide that peace of mind, which is often lost in the event planning process.

By providing our clients with professionally trained baristas and industry-leading coffee equipment, you can taste the difference without stressing over the details. There’s already enough to worry about – why not let our award-winning team help?

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