Don’t act too surprised when we tell you this tidbit of information. Spring will be here in 33 days. If you are like us, while it has been a mild winter, we are certainly looking forward to the sunshine and greenery coming back to Mother Nature. The process of planning a spring event shouldn’t wait for good weather. We believe it is time to put some spring in that step!

Spring Event


Choose a Color Palette

Light and airy colors are the perfect addition when you want a party setting to say “spring.” Bright pinks, greens, pale blues, and purples are reminiscent of blooming spring flowers. Use napkins, a homemade party banner, paper banner, or another easy-to-make piece of decor to show off spring’s hues.

Bring On the Flowers

Speaking of blooming spring flowers, what are some of the favorites for spring?

Spring Event Ideas - Cupa CabanaLilacs, Crocus, Iris, Daffodils and Tulips are all spring florals. By themselves, they are a whisper of spring. Add them to a table setting, room, or sitting area to give it an extra popĀ of color (and beautiful smell!)


Find out some more early-bloom flower ideas in this great article from Better Home and Gardens.

Finger Foods and Tea

Sharing English tea with friends in a garden setting is definitely for after winter. Depending on the outsideĀ chill, create a garden setting in your home and invite your friends to partake in a tea party. Have guests bring their favorite type of tea to share, and catch up with friends after winter’s long hibernation.

Small finger foods and sandwiches accompany tea very well. They are light and flavorful. Some delectable recipes can be found here.

Spring Event Garden Inspired Gifts

Speaking of a garden setting, the cherry atop your spring event may just be a garden-inspired farewell gift. Small planters with fresh seeds and a mini burlap of dirt is a fun and fitting way to welcome springtime to stay! Even better, have your friends over to paint and design spring planters together!


Photo Credit: Oriental Trading Co.
Photo Credit: Oriental Trading Co.


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