If you are getting your taxes done for 2016, you are well-aware of an accountant’s very full, very hectic schedule. It is important that accountants stay focused and alert during the tax season. There are some excellent ways to show your accountant you care. Here are some ideas on how to make your tax guru a happy man or woman.

Tax Season Thank You - Cupa Cabana

Tax Season and Why We Care

Taxes are taken out to help fund healthcare, social security, and other aspects of government funding. Depending on some different factors, tax season may translate into some much-needed extra cash. Accountants are very busy during the months of January to April. 12-hour days are not a rarity. There are ways to show appreciation to your accountant during this hectic time. Whether you are the client, or you own the tax office – take into account some of these fun ideas.


Host a Coffee Hour

If you own a tax office or organize an office space for accountants, hiring a coffee service to come and serve your team shows appreciation. Long hours, number crunching, research, and pages upon pages of forms are tiring and monotonous. Keep the team on their toes with caffeinated refreshments and eye-opening treats.


Bring a Coffee Basket

If you are visiting your accountant and want to show your appreciation – creating a small basket of goodies is a superb idea. Add a coffee cup, fresh coffee, fruit, or other small snacks or sweets to a small basket. This is meaningful, yet a welcome surprise for your accountant.

Give a Pedicure/Manicure Voucher

The week after the tax deadline – accountants are ready for some relaxation. An excellent way to ensure this? Provide them with a manicure or pedicure card! What is better than having a hand or foot massage? A little pampering goes a long way!

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