Holiday parties are a great way to bring people together. Early winter brings with it warmth and excitement despite colder temperatures. Everyone takes a pause from their busy schedules and stops to reconnect with family, friends, and coworkers that we are often too busy to engage with.

Coffee is not only a kick of caffeine for our earliest mornings and latest work nights, but also a distinct center of social activity at any gathering. Having a catered coffee setup will give your guests a cool (yet warm!) place to congregate. And having professional barista service will elevate your event in numerous ways.  

Put Your Guests at Ease

Coffee is a treat. In most people’s minds, it connotes comfort and enjoyment. Your guests will definitely appreciate the comfort of being able to arrive and have an aromatic, indulgent, high-quality coffee-based drink. They will certainly appreciate your consideration and hospitality, especially if they’re arriving after a long day of work.

Cupa Cabana uses a proprietary blend of espresso beans from around the globe, as well as elegant, industrial-grade, high-powered equipment to produce exceptional beverages that will put your guests at ease and inspire excitement.

Encourage Socializing

A visually stunning coffee display with many beverage options presents a great conversation starter for those who may not know each other well. Sharing coffee organically promotes a sense of community, relaxation, and well-being between strangers and close friends alike.

Coffeehouses have been creative and intellectual hubs for centuries. Coffee is inextricably linked with ideas of gathering together, but it also eases nerves and presents a comfort for those who might not know many people. Whether your holiday party is a smaller, after-work affair, or an all-night shindig, coffee can provide an important burst of energy and warmth for tired partygoers.

Cupa Cabana provides beautiful, functional displays that always become a hub for socialization at any event.

High-Quality Coffee Drinks Offer a Luxurious Alternative to Alcohol

At any party, it’s important to consider those who may be abstaining from alcohol. Cupa Cabana’s appealing display and luxurious beverages present a way to help guests indulge without alcohol, while keeping the ambiance light, festive and exciting.

We offer decaffeinated options for those who are pregnant or have healthrelated or other reasons to avoid caffeine. With a perfect beverage from a sophisticated coffee display, no guest will feel like they’re missing out because they can’t have alcohol. In fact, you might be able to skip the traditional cocktail bar altogether and choose a coffee catering service instead!

Add Excitement and Sophistication to Your Party

Whether your holiday party is at your office, or your home, the presence of a coffee catering display will elevate the mood with its sophisticated machinery, coffee beans, syrups, and beverage accoutrements. Our presentation is clean and elegant, and our presence creates a festive welcoming to all your guests, especially those who might be accustomed to seeing your home or office in ordinary “work-mode.”

Choosing a coffee catering service to elevate your holiday party is a great idea for multiple reasons.

  • It’s inclusive of all guests, even those abstaining from alcohol and caffeine
  • Our sophisticated, elegant display is visually stunning
  • Our attentive and professionally trained baristas will ensure that every guest has a truly memorable, positive experience, as well as the best cup of coffee they’ve ever tasted!


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